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{November 11, 2009}   falling behind…day 10/11

I have not been keeping up with my journal-ing! this entry will most likely be super short, Ass I am off to work in 20 minutes and still have to eat. Today, I got up and did the 1st day of the second week of couch to 5k. I was actually really impressed that I was able to do it, considering I am pretty much going from no activity to a lot. But I was able to do it without any real problems, just my mind going “ok, uh, walking time yet? maybe?”

With that being said….BF and I are signing up to do our first 5k. It will be a walk/maybe bursts of running, but we are gonna do it. In two weeks. YIKES. Hopefully iy will go well.

{November 8, 2009}   day something. 6/7 I think?

Yesterday was a pretty non-working out day. I had a horrible eadache that lasted all day and would not go away no matter what.


Which leads me to today. I did my weekly weigh in. No change. Which is REALLY irritating for me. I guess I wasn’t watching what I ate very well. Ugh. Makes in a funk mood.

{November 6, 2009}   What a day

Yesterday was really hard for me.

I know a handful of girls whose husbands are stationed out of Ft. Hood, one of whom husbands was in the building next to where the shooting happened. She didn’t hear from him until almost 8:30. It was horrible. I hate feeling so helpless, and so concerned. Most of my family lives right outside of Kileen(where the Ft. is). My god, one of my eventual bridesmaids lives right off base, and is on base a lot. It just hit WAY to close to home for me to be comfortable.


Onto the health portion of my blog….Water intake is going good, I think becuase I was already drinking about 50 oz a day, my body is just like, oh more water? ok.

My points for the nest challenge didn’t hit 90 I don’t think. After I found out about the shooting I was pretty catatonic until about 9:30 last night. I’m gonna try and make up for it this weekend.

{November 5, 2009}   Day 4/5

Eek. I forgot to update yesterday. Drat. I guess that’s what I get for working full time and going to school full time.

So, for the Nest holiday Challenge I am still on my goals. YAY! I picked out a book to read called 101 things to do before you diet (because looking great isn”t just about losing weight), which is about, well pretty much what the title says. I don’t know how to link it in just text, but this will work.


I also picked up a copy of Valerie Burtonelli’s Losing it. I don’t know how much I will ike it, because I am really NOT a fan of WW, but I’m gonna try it. Have I mentioned that I love working at a bookstore? Yay for being able to check those out for TWO MONTHS and not have to buy them. LOVE it. Also I love that I was able to buy my sister 8 pregnancy books that if bought new would have been about 120 bucks, bought at our store by a customer around 50, but becuase I get a crazy discount and my manager loves me it cost me less then 7. Yup, less then 7 bucks.


Ok, so I am still sitting well on the Holiday Health Nuts challenge. Water intake has been good (it REALLY helps that for the other challenge you get points for only drinking water). I’m really glad that I picked weighing in once a week though. I am REALLY tempted to, but I feel like, because of the fact that I have put on so much weight, I will beat myself up over not losing any weight, or gaining on some days. And I don’t want to do that. I am REALLY hard on myself when it comes to this. So I think that not only is doing the challenge helping me physically, it’s really helping me mentally as well.

{November 3, 2009}   Day 2/3

Since I am doing two holiday challenges, I am going to update for bboth of them here. Hopefully the two challenges plus this blog will keep me accountable for everything! So my progress goes as follows.

For the Nest H&F challenge I am sitting at 205 points as of this morning. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but I am giving myself credit because this is all new for me. So, my personal goal as far as this challenge goes is to try and get at LEAST 90 points a day, and try and finish the challenge with 6000 points, which would average to about 100 points a day (a little less). I think it’s doable. I’m super excited

For the Holiday challenge I’m a sitting pretty well as far as the challenges themselves go. Water is good, and I am staying away from the scale until Sunday morning lol. I have designated that as my “weigh in” day. I just need to step up the exercise and the healthy eating.

I’m sort of bummed because I know I have no real chance of winning anything. But, I keep telling myself it’s not about winning, it’s about changing and being healthy. So far it’s working. BF and I are having a blast doing wii fit together, and we are going to try to do daily walks/runs as long as it fits out schedule and it doesn’t get to cold out. We are thinking about doing a triathlon…ptg1002 if you have any info about the one you just did in Sept could you send it my way? (if you even see this lol, I’m not sure if I have this set as completely private or not). It’s kind of near us (only a tate away!).

Also, I am really really intrested in doing the NYC half marathon. In two years. Well, not this spring/summer, but the one after. If I’m in shape :)


In non-h&f news, I just found out my 20 year old sister is pregnant. She is completely unprepared, financially, physically, and emotionally. She has no health insurance right now. We went out to lunch yesterday, and I’m hopefully that she will start to wise up. It just adds salt in the wound that more likely then not, after BF becomes Dh and we are out of school with jobs and trying, it’s going to take help of some nature, if it’s even possible. YAY ovary tumors :( Sister doesn’t know about this all, so I can’t hold it against her.


Ok, end rant :)

{November 1, 2009}   Welcome to my blog!

I am going to be using this blog mainly to monitor my progress with losing weight and becoming fit for life.

Right now I am at a very unhealthy place in my life. I was really sick and placed on a lot of hormones for various reasons, and that made me gain a lot of weight. Right now I am about 50 pounds heavier then I should be. I would actually like to weight about 60 pounds less, but I am starting with a smaller goal. Hopefully this will work!

et cetera

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